Outdoors & Spicy Food 


OFF THE BEATEN PATH originated as a YouTube channel idea I had that incorporates my love for the outdoors and spicy foods. I grew up fishing in SoCal and Southern Baja catching anything from marlin, sailfish, mackerel, surf perch, salmon, and trout, etc. After taking a roughly 15 year hiatus from fishing, I’ve recently(2020 during Covid quarantine) started getting back into it by way of surf fishing. Having a two year old son has brought me down to the beach on many occasions which gave me the idea to start casting again. I also greatly enjoy hunting and shooting and have traveled from California to Alaska, Arizona, Wyoming, and New Mexico in search of wild game. I’m also a pepper grower, spicy food enthusiast, and spicy condiment hobbyists. In 2020 I grew over 40 pepper varieties, mostly super hots.